Social Media & Digital

Aberdeenshire Council
“Tony, thanks for your time and help it is much appreciated and very valuable. You shone a light on what I thought was the shadowy art of social media in recruitment. I've gone from nought to 60 in 30 seconds since you've shown us how powerful social media is. On a personal note I'm now an ardent tweeter - so thanks for that!”
Kay Anderson, HR Team Leader (Recruitment), Aberdeenshire Council, August 2010

Standard Life
“Tony has worked closely with me and the team as a business consultant and has proved his worth time and again.”
Katy Miller, Head of recruitment, Standard Life, March 2010

The Edrington Group
“Tony recently ran a session for us on Social Networking/LinkedIn and its application for HR. Tony has a vast amount of knowledge in this area, and the HR team found the session both informative and fun. Even more importantly however, the session resulted in us having clear action plan of what we, as a team, are going to to do in the area of social networking/LinkedIn, to deliver cost savings and real business benefits. Tony has already provided us with excellent follow-up support to ensure we deliver on our promises.”
Lorna Mcdougall, Group HR Manager, The Edrington Group, October 12, 2010

“Tony is a truly independent media consultant, who is organised, dedicated and hard-working. With him there are no hidden agendas nor difficult to understand rationale. He consistently challenges what is widely accepted as the norm, and by looking at a problem in an innovative way, he has achieved significant results with stakeholders seeing the real benefit of having Tony aboard.

I have worked with Tony on a couple of projects now and his self motivation and drive to see the project through is refreshing, elements of which I have chosen to adopt in my own work. Our environment required someone we could trust implicitly and he has adapted well to the way in which the public sector works, and the value we derive from his services vastly outweigh his very reasonable daily rate. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Tony.”
Douglas Shirlaw, Service Delivery Manager, COSLA, March 23, 2011

“I began working with Tony back in 2000 whilst working with Standard Life. I have continued to work with him ever since as I greatly value his expertise, his creative yet pragmatic solutions and above all his openness and honesty. Tony's approach is challenging yet supportive. Tony has helped me with a range of different business issues from media buying for volume recruitment to selecting an advertising agency to creating a web-site to creating an attraction strategy. I retain his services andTony would be the first person I approached if I ever needed external support. Tony has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is extremely well networked. I would highly recommend Tony.”
Derek Cummings, HR Director, Burness, April 2010