Recruiting & Attraction Strategy

“I began working with Tony back in 2000 whilst working with Standard Life. I have continued to work with him ever since as I greatly value his expertise, his creative yet pragmatic solutions and above all his openness and honesty. Tony's approach is challenging yet supportive. Tony has helped me with a range of different business issues from media buying for volume recruitment to selecting an advertising agency to creating a web-site to creating an attraction strategy. I retain his services andTony would be the first person I approached if I ever needed external support. Tony has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is extremely well networked. I would highly recommend Tony.”
Derek Cummings, HR Director, Burness, April 2010

Standard Life
“Tony has worked closely with me and the team as a business consultant and has proved his worth time and again.”
Katy Miller, Head of recruitment, Standard Life, March 2010

Klick Photopoint
“I don't really want to think how many years I have known Alastair Blair. He seems to have always been at the top of the recruitment marketing industry in Scotland, first taking Austin Knight to the top of the tree and then repeating the feat with Riley. His unique creative input was instrumental in Klick Photopoint winning several awards and in meeting after meeting I found him totally on top of his subject and, most importantly, able to see what the future would bring and advise us accordingly. Alastair has consistently gone the extra mile with every project, bringing innovation and creativity but most importantly delivering real results time after time. If you are looking for someone who really does know his stuff, who has a genuine empathy with a client's needs and delivers superb results, you need look no further than Alastair. He can't be recommended highly enough.”
Kate Wilson, HR Director, Klick Photopoint

“Alastair is extremely professional in his subject area. He has extensive knowledge of his subject area and brings this to bear when handling assignments. His creativity and ability to focus in on the key attributes required to attract potential candidates when writing copy is first class. In one campaign he came up with a remarkably simple yet highly creative idea for an ad which resulted in over 5,000 applications from which we were able to fill over 100 vacancies from one campaign ad. His knowledge of recruitment media is extensive and his recommendations for campaigns whether sustained or one off always bear fruit.”
Fraser Crerar, HR Director, Sparrows Offshore