Pactive Mechanics

We work with many clients who want to increase traffic from their recruitment channels, especially via social and other digital media, to increase the number and quality of hires. Ultimately, this will save money and improve the efficiency of your recruitment processes.

Pactive Mechanics looks at all the areas below with the aim to create a strategy that is simple, cost-effective and measureable and that dovetails with the resources you have available in-house.

All our efforts will always be designed to attract quality - especially passive - candidates, getting them to engage - thereby maximising the number of new hires through non-traditional routes. Everything from content creation to HR advice on hiring.

Bringing excellence to your external talent attraction channels: web, social, SEO, your website, content, people.

Pactive targets: Target candidates and your competition - expand your data so that you know what is working and what is not.
Pactive socialise: Social media traffic and delivery.
Pactive content: Storytelling and engagement - we help you to create.
Pactive support: Real support from HR and recruiting experts.
Pactive engine: Your website, Google and SEO.
Pactive mechanics: We will create a workflow and content to deliver your objectives.