Welcome to Momentum SPK

There was a time when the customer was king. It may be an old fashioned view of service in a fast-moving, fast-changing world, but we think those were the good old days.

That's why we wrap up a cutting edge range of services in a personal, supportive approach. Whether you look to us for support in Digital, Social Media & Brand Reputation or Business Strategy & Delivery, we won't treat you like a customer - we'll treat you like a partner. All our HR social media services and strategies can be found at Pactive Mechanics with all our HR related services on our sister site www.pactive.co.uk.

We'll work hard to help you build a more successful business, either directly or by introducing you to one of our many associates. We're here to help with new media, new technology and new approaches. But we're also here to offer old-fashioned business service and support. It's a careful mix that has seen us work with Trinity Mirror plc, Madgex, Lumesse, Highland Spring, Standard Life Investments, Heineken, The Guardian and many more great companies. Our new service Pactive Mechanics manages your social media end to end – creating content and managing your social pipeline.

It's a partnership thing.